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Company history

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GS Impex Company was established in 1991. For its 16 years of operations our company has been a local distributor and service agent for products and decisions in the field of marine electronics and navigation and supplier of spare parts for Bulgaria and the area.
For the recent 16 years of activities in the marine sector our company accomplished over 70 overall installations of navigational equipment, including VDR and ECDIS systems in Bulgaria, Romania, etc.

As authorized distributor our work and spare parts are guarantee-covered.

GS Impex is the offical representative of the following companies and products for the Republic of Bulgaria:

1. Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems
    (Sperry Marine, Decca and C- Plath)
2. Kockum Sonics.


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GS Impex has the potential to supply spare parts for the overall navigational equipment of Sperry, Decca, C-Plath (including under conditions of exchange, where possible)
plus a wide range of navigational equipment produced by
other companies.

If you wish to address your inquiry about spare parts you need to contact us and mail the following information:
• Information about your company and contact details;
• Name of the vessel;
• Ship-owner;
• Manufacturer’s name of the spare part and model;
• Serial number of the spare part;
• Order number or reference number;
• Expected date of arrival for the vessel;
• Port of call for the vessel;

Please be notified that inquiries about deliveries of spare parts shall be ignored if these are not accompanied with the requested information about your company and contact details.

The delivery terms, delivery times and guarantee terms depend on the original manufacturer and the general conditions of NG Sperry Marine.

If you need servicing or spare parts
please contact us through Contacts section.
Email: office@mail.gs-impex.com